Boss Fight Studio Expands Vitruvian HACKS Series 2

By bill - August 17, 2017

Vitruvian HACKS’ new fantasy theme took center stage at NJCC, featuring tons of outstanding knights, orcs, elves, and mages… along with a stunning diorama that has to be seen to be believed.

Boss Fight Studio debuted their newest Vitruvian HACKS at New Jersey Collector Con, and it’s safe to say the new Fantasy theme promises to build an even bigger, more exciting world than the Greek Mythology theme of Series One.

The first wave of Fantasy HACKS were on sale for the first time ever (expect a review of some of those figures in the coming days), and Boss Fight also showed off future waves of characters in this collection.  They’re really going for it with this lineup, a mix of knights and elves, and orcs and mages… each figure looked great, and there’s a lot more diversity of sculpt than we saw in the repaint heavy Mythology assortment.

As is becoming the Boss Fight tradition, each figure also sports a variety of weapons and accessories (my favorite being the Mage’s flaming book of spells), and everything from body parts to armor and overlays is interchangeable between figures compatible with the HACKS system.  Even this feature is expanding, in a really cool way… Boss Fight is introducing a double-sided peg, which can plug into a figure’s wrist… and connect directly to a variety of weapons.  Want to customize an Orc warrior with a mace for a hand? You can make that happen.

In addition to the new figures, Boss Fight also teased an in scale horse sculpt, something which will be a welcome addition to many 3.75″ toy lines, and some new Gladiator armor sets, a sign that while Fantasy may be their main focus, the Greek line will carry on as well.

But the centerpiece of Boss Fight’s NJCC booth was their castle diorama, which was filled with Fantasy HACKS in an epic battle scene.  It was an incredible dio to behold, showcasing a wide variety of cool scenes starring Boss Fight’s latest figures.  Whether it’s a sword fight on the Battlements, a blacksmith forging a new sword, or a Knight of Asperity conjuring up sinister forces in the dungeon, this display was absolutely packed with action.

What I liked most was how well the diorama showed off both the great articulation of the HACKS figures, as well as the simple customizing options available.  Almost everything in the dio you see below was based off of only FOUR figures from Boss Fight’s toy line!  The blacksmith, the light armor Orcs, and the incredibly cool human archer were all created using just a few extra parts from the Mythology line, some blank figures, and a cleverly repurposed tactical hood from the Boss Fight sculpted Marauder Task Force line. The range of this line is really impressive, and seeing the full display definitely left me with an itch to start building armies and customizing soldiers.

Check out our full gallery of Boss Fight’s Vitruvian HACKS Series 2 display below… You can preorder the first two sets of Fantasy figures now at Boss Fight Shop.

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