Bot Bots Go To Comic Con

By kastor417 - September 4, 2019

We love the Bot Bots and thanks to Hasbro sending over this set we have even more to play with straight from SDCC. 

So how do you capture the fun of collecting with Transformers and SDCC? Bot Bots in Cosplay of course. Taking some of the previous versions and giving them an updated paint and costumes. Some of them have softgoods parts, while others us cardboard. The capes and pink ears make this set really. and when I saw you could take them off and use them on other Bot Bots, well the options are endless


I do look at these figure and think some day they could be the think that someone is on the hunt for, their holy grail. But what is it about them that could elevate them to that status? Well the adults of today are mostly passing on them, leaving them for the kids. There is a got to get them all feeling, like Pokemon. And they can take a beating, they are made for small hands and are damn sturdy.

They might not be the big names, but they will have a place of their own in Transformers history.

Thanks again to Hasbro for sending over this set for review.

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