Brienne of Tarth is Ready For Battle

By bill - January 14, 2016

GOT-brienne-featThe latest figure in Dark Horse’s Game of Thrones collection is a real beauty.

There is no shortage of awesome characters in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but one of my absolute favorites is Brienne of Tarth, the warrior who swears allegiance to Catelyn Stark and sets about to fulfill her oath to protect the Stark daughters, whether they want her help or not.  Brienne is one of the most capable fighters on the show, and one of the few characters whose honor and general decency hasn’t screwed her over (yet).  I, for one, hope the day that does happen is a long ways away, but regardless, Brienne has earned her place in the latest wave of Game of Thrones figures from Dark Horse.

Like the other figures in this collection, Brienne is not articulated, instead pre-posed in a battle-ready stance with her sword at the ready.  The figure features a very good sculpt which details Brienne’s blue-tinted platemail armor, an excellent rendering of her second sword, Oathkeeper, and an excellent portrait of Gwendoline Christie.

The level of detail on this figure is impressive, from the subtle wind-sweep of her short blond hair, to the ornate, golden hilt of Oathkeeper in her hand.  The paint work is also great, conveying a real sense of steely weight to her armor, offset nicely by her brown pants and leather-like boots.  Brienne is one of the more action-oriented figures we’ve seen in this line, and the pose not only looks great, but reads as very faithful to the character.

Dark Horse’s figure collection has always been among the best Game of Thrones collectibles out there, belying their impressive $25 suggested retail price with their sculpt and paint details, and they’ve been steadily improving with each new release.  Brienne continues on that path, as one of the finest figures we’ve seen yet in this series.  She’s a worthy addition to the collection, and a worthy toy tribute to an excellent character.

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