The Brotherhood Attacks

By kastor417 - June 23, 2015

Brotherhood Minimates Kastor's KornerThe newest set of Minimates fills out a team and leaves collectors with plenty of X-men uniforms.

Some Minimate sets are light on accessories, some however make up for that.This set more than makes up for any of the last few sets with nothing but the figures. You not only get the figures listed on the package, but each of the X-men give you another character, pushing some collectors to buy multiple sets just to build a team of X-men. And some go even further using the costumed bodies to expand their 80’s/90’s era team.¬†It also helps fill some gaps for collectors late to the game, giving us versions of Gambit and Psylocke at a reasonable price.

The set does not only give collectors extra body parts, but also gives a lot of weapon accessories. Pyro has great fire blasts, Gambit and Psylocke have energy blasts, a sonic scream for Banshee, and some road debris for Avalanche. It’s the little extras that give this set it’s value.

This is one of the sets that makes you forget that all the bodies are the same with different paint and details. It allows for expanding and growing teams, while give us classic villains. The hard to find set in this was will be the Jubilee and Desinty set, packed one per case and sold out on most online sites and brick and mortar stores.

The only thing missing is Toad, long waited and is surely on the short list for many collectors. Hopefully I will find the last set at SDCC, and not pay too much over retail.



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