You came, you saw, you conquered SDCC, next up – NYCC!

By staff-writers - October 2, 2014


SDCC was only a couple of months ago, and we are already fast approaching NYCC!

Will you be there?

Check the video below for a recap of the summer fun in San Diego, and scroll down for our NYCC exclusives!

Come visit us October 9-12 at Jacob Javitz Center, Booth #556
and pick up some Voltron swag:

Voltron 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Poster
High quality limited edition 30th Anniversary Voltron poster, FREE with any purchase of $40 or more at the Toynami Booth #556. Only 2000 made! (while supplies last)

Voltron Limited Edition Button
Get a FREE limited edition 30th Anniversary Voltron Button (while supplies last, limit 1 per person)! Take a picture with the 7 ft Jumbo Voltron at the Toynami Booth #556, and post to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with #VoltronJumbo #NYCC

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acid rain

Acid Rain Agurts Infantry Exclusive

This Acid Rain Exclusive packs plenty of action with this trio of 3.75” Agurts Infantry figures in full army-green color! Each is highly poseable (30 articulation points) featuring a removable vest, helmet, rifle and stand. These Exclusive Agurts Infantry figures are compatible with the Acid Rain mobile armor series.
Retail Price $45
Limited to 700 packs worldwide
Size: 3.75″ Tall
30 points of Articulation
Available at: Toynami Booth #556


Robotech Chibi Skull Leader VF-1S in Military Gray

Protecting Earth from alien conquest has never been more adorable! Strap into your Veritech and get ready for the 30th Anniversary of Robotech in 2015! Your favorite mecha get a chibi makeover in the forthcoming Robotech Super Deformed Blind Box collection. Toynami is excited to present the debut figure – the highly revered Skull Leader VF-1S Comic-Con Exclusive in military gray. These are sure to go fast, so be sure you get yours while they last!
Retail Price: $15
Limited to 2,000 pieces
Size: 3” Tall
Available at: Toynami Booth #556


30th Anniversary Voltron – Gold Edition

The 30th Anniversary Voltron has already caused waves of popularity, selling out so fast, production can barely keep up with the demand! Now, a never-before-seen style twist on this incredible figure is the 2014 Comic-Con Exclusive Gold Edition, only 500 in the world! Standing at 11 inches tall (nearly 13 inches with its display base), the gold exclusive edition features all the same features as the 30th version – LED light-up eyes (powered by replaceable batteries), sturdy die-cast and ABS construction, special signature Voltron key badge, interactive display base, and lion’s-mouth blade accessories, all packaged in the classic retro-styled anniversary box, with exclusive gold edition security seals.
Retail Price: $300
Limited to 500 pieces worldwide
Size: 11” Tall, 13” w/display base
Available at: Toynami Booth #556


Glorious Golden Talking Bender

In July 2006, Toynami’s FUTURAMA toy line made its world debut at the San Diego Comic-Con with “Glorious Golden Bender.” Now, 8 years and 29 figures later, we pay tribute to that debut with a return to the character, with an exciting improvement: Glorious Golden Talking Bender! With FUTURAMA having aired its final episode last September, this final Futurama Comic-Con exclusive will be the “victory lap” it so richly deserves. Featuring over 12 phrases voiced by actor John DiMaggio himself, each Talking Bender figure comes complete with 3 sets of interchangeable eyes for a range of classic Bender expressions, all packaged in a shiny gold foil box. Bender’s chest also opens up, providing great storage space for all of that stolen loot. You don’t want to miss out on this loveable bending robot collectible or you’ll have to hear it from him: “Shut up and pay attention to me, Bender!”
Retail Price: $40
Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide (a precious few still available!)
Size: 9” Tall
Available at: Toynami Booth #556


Skelanimals Cute-As-Hell Diego Plush

Entertainment One Licensing is pleased to reveal this year’s exclusive Skelanimals release for Comic-Con: the “Cute-As-Hell” Diego!

The latest in a series of collectible, limited-edition Skelanimals plush by Toynami, Cute-As-Hell Diego is distinguished by a red plush body and black hand stitching. This fan-favorite character loves to cuddle during scary movies, but don’t sleep on this exclusive opportunity—this plush bat is limited to 1,000 pieces!

Skelanimals are adorable little animals who have met an untimely end—mostly due to their own reckless and ill-advised behavior. The Skelanimals characters—a cat, rabbit, dog, and monkey, among others—are brought to life through funny poems describing their demise. They may be dead, but they are also light-hearted, cute and cuddly.
Retail Price: $20
Only 1,000 produced
Size: 10” tall
Available at Toynami Booth #556

hello kitty

Hello Kitty x Street Fighter – Chun-Li Vinyl Coin Bank

People can’t seem to get enough of Hello Kitty as the elite martial artist Chun-Li from the hit Street Fighter video-game series. Available exclusively at the 2014 Comic-Con is this premium vinyl Hello Kitty Chun-Li Coin Bank! Measuring in at 8 inches tall, she will protect your precious loot with her signature Hyakuretsukyaku move! Fans of Street Fighter and Hello Kitty will not want to miss out on this one!
Retail Price: $40
Limited to 1,000 pieces
Size: 8” tall
Available at: Toynami Booth #556

batman unipro

10” Vinyl UNKL DC Batman

Introducing the debut character from UNKL Presents DC Comics’ Heroes and Villains Blind Box Collection. More powerful than a locomotive, and just about as subtle…Inside this box you won’t find keys to the Batmobile, breath mints or the meaning of life, you’ll find something even better: The original 3” Batman UniPo magnified 340% exclusively for Comic-Con. He’s a “Bigger, Badder Bat” at 11” tall (including the ears). You might say if crime didn’t pay before, it’s in the poorhouse now.
Retail Price: $200
Limited to 200 pieces
Size: 10” Tall
Available at: Toynami Booth #556


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