Captain America, From The Screen To The Toy Shelf

By bill - April 1, 2014

ML-Cap-TWS-featHasbro’s Winter Soldier Captain America Legends figure is truly remarkable.

The first series of Captain America Legends felt like an appetizer, a strong group of action figures based on Cap and some of his highest profile villains in their comic book styling.  They were really cool figures, but with the second, movie styled wave of figures, we’re really getting into the next level.

Captain America, naturally, gets a new movie figure in Legends scale, and he’s so close to perfection it’s uncanny.  This all new sculpt is beautiful, a perfect representation of Steve Rogers in his stealth/ SHIELD uniform from the new movie.  He is perfectly proportioned, in a wonderful scale with the other Avengers movie Marvel Legends, packs in a lot of articulation and some highly cool accessories.

Sculpt-wise, this figure is flawless– every detail and texture and flair built in to Cap’s new costume is represented here.  The paint work is fairly basic, mostly the brown and silver highlights of his uniform, but the overall appearance is so striking it doesn’t need anything more to really shine.  And despite the painstaking level of detail, this intricate design work does nothing to limit the copious articulation of the figure.  Cap gets all the modern Legends articulation, with a great range of motion throughout, meaning this is a toy that can hit all the best, most iconic action poses with ease.

It seems like there are a lot of times collector-oriented figures have to choose either high detail or overall sturdiness, but this figure manages to pull off both.  Even the extra swappable parts– and unmasked Steve Rogers head and a second set of hands in a salute and a finger point– pop on and off with ease, and I am confident that even after switching them around multiple times there is little risk of breakage.

ML Cap TWS012As if the cool alternate pieces weren’t enough, Cap also includes the new blue and silver version of his shield and a piece of the Build-A-Figure Mandroid.  In short, even with the recent markup to the $20 zone for Marvel Legends, the new movie Cap is absolutely a solid value.

If I had to search for any gripes, they would be incredibly minor compared to all the good going on.  The new shield features molded plastic straps, so there’s no way to sling it onto Steve’s back.  But the other side of this situation is, the weapon features a fully sculpted interior, one of the first times we’ve seen this on a Legends figure.  Likewise, while I wish the unmasked portrait looked more like Chris Evans, the face still feels like Steve, and can now act as a replacement for any movie or comic style Cap figure.

Hasbro’s new Legends this year have seen some great new additions, but the second wave of Captain America Legends really feels like next level stuff from the toymakers.  Part of their new movie-based strategy was to bulk up their production budget by anchoring their toys behind proven media properties.  Figures like the latest Captain America prove they’re using those design dollars in all the right ways.

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