Captain America Re-Enlists With The One:12 Collective

By bill - January 26, 2017

Marvel’s First Avenger returns to Mezco’s One:12 Collective, with a wonderfully realized modern military aesthetic.

Captain America was the first Marvel super hero to join the One:12 Collective as a convention exclusive inspired by Steve Rogers’ classic comic book alter ego. But now, a variant of the good Captain has joined Mezco’s core line, as well.  With a muted color pallet and a more realistic military design, the new One:12 Captain America is a step up from the Con exclusive edition in many ways.

While the original One:12 Cap featured a royal blue suit, the new variant sports a tone closer to a deep teal, and this simple color swap gives the entire figure a more grounded appearance.  Adding to this realism are Cap’s baggy fatigue style pants, and the brown and silver straps and web gear which adorn the figure’s more fantastical attributes, like the chainmail armor on Cap’s chest and shoulders.

Just like the previous edition, this Cap features two alternate headsculpts– one masked and one unmasked, featuring the same iconic portrait of Rogers in his all-American glory.  The heads are easily interchangeable, thanks to the sturdy ball socket of the neck, and the same goes for the multitude of variant hands, including a pair of closed fists, a saluting hand, several neutral poses, and a commanding finger point.

Aside from the alternate hands and head, Cap also includes a few grenades that can clip to his belt, an ammo pouch and canteen which can plug into his belt, the same great magnetic shield as the Con exclusive figure, as well as a shield emblem display base and a flight stand.

Both versions of Mezco’s One:12 Captain America are excellent action figures, but– while I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference– I like this version a bunch more.  The realistic grounded aesthetic of this guy elevates him to a whole new level, while harkening back to the similarly practical design seen in Marvel’s great live action movies.  The end result is a very cool interpretation of one of Marvel’s flagship heroes, which perfectly straddles the line between the world of the comic page and reality.

Want to add the One:12 Captain America to your collective? Head over to Mike’s Comics N Stuff to order yours today.

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