Castle Grayskull: It’s Happening

By bill - November 14, 2012

Mattel has hit their number and will be moving forward with the all-new He-Man dream house.

This past Monday was the deadline by which Mattel needed a minimum number of preorders secured to go forward with production of their new Castle Grayskull.  Yesterday they tallied the results of the pre-sale so far, and it looks like they hit that goal– this means Castle Grayskull will be moving forward!

I’ll admit, I am still on the fence about whether to pick up a castle myself, but this is great news for the collector community as a whole– now, anyone who decides they want a Castle Grayskull simply have to preorder in the next 5 weeks, and they’ll get one.  So, congratulations to Matty, and all the Masters of the Universe diehards who made this playset a reality!

As previously reported, the new Grayskull will clock in at about two feet tall, with action features similar to the vintage one, and a clip-on perch for the Wind Raider.  It should be an impressive centerpiece to any MOTUC collection, and it’s still available for preorder now (through January 4th).  The playset is expected to ship about a year from now, in December 2013.  Click Here to check out Mattel’s preorder page and place you order before January 4th!

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