Castle Grayskullman Channels The Spirit Of Masters Of The Universe

By junior - December 13, 2012

Castle Grayskullman rounds out the 30th Anniversary– and November’s Masters of the Universe offerings– in an amazing way.

Easily the best release since Draego-Man, Castle Grayskullman’s design seems simple yet has the mature imagination that the last three releases lacked. The flag swords, the emblem, the metal band, monster-esque visage, the heavy-looking shield… just everything is so basic but it completely works so well. I will have sour grapes and say my figure entry easily played on this level, but all I wanted was a character that I would be happy to own and embrace as part of the mythos. I admit I have a lot of trouble doing that with four of the six entries in the 30th Anniversary.

So is Castle Grayskullman a spirit possessing stone? Is he a golem controlled by the Sorceress on a last-ditch effort to protect the Power of Grayskull? Is this creature one of an army? I ignore the bios– This guy just FUELS my imagination, in the same way getting all those new characters did with the vintage line back in the 80s.  Castle Grayskullman is a cool-looking and fun toy, and one that completely captures the spirit of Masters of the Universe– that’s all I could ever ask for with this excellent new hero.

Save for Grayskullman, November’s Masters of the Universe figures aren’t the most dynamic.  But between a figure as cool and exciting and fresh as Castle Grayskullman, and solid background characters like Dekker and the new Randor give us hope that long-awaited characters like Shokoti, Filmation Hordak, and Lizard Man JUST might be around the corner!


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