Catching Up With Guys Behind Hasbro Star Wars Toys

By kastor417 - August 23, 2017

We had the chance to talk to the guys behind the Star Wars lines at SDCC and find out how the line has changed and grown over the years. 

We caught up with Joe and Steve, two guys at Hasbro who’s love for Star Wars goes beyond toy designers, they are fans like us. Over the years the Hasbro Marvel diorama has been the center piece of the booth at SDCC, but this year the Star Wars team brought the fight, recreating Episode IV in toys. It might be the most impressive Diorama you can’t buy in all my years going to SDCC. But the diorama was not the only thing we talked about, from bigger vehicles, to the missing Rogue One 6 inch characters, to celebrating Episodes V & VI in the next few years.


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