Category 5 Hotness for the S.H. Figuarts Power Rangers Ninja Storm

By jayq - September 2, 2014

Power-Rangers-Ninja-Storm-fCheck your local weather folks because S.H. Figuarts has yet again hit us with another winner!

The Power Ranger Ninja Storm team is one of the few series of Rangers in their line up that has the complete team available for purchase.  The core team of the Red, Yellow, and Blue Wind Rangers are joined with the Crimson and Navy Thunder Rangers to complete a team of pure HOTNESS!

The Red Wind Ranger comes solo and also has a variant (if you want to call it that) called Hurricane Red that has a few added armour additions that the regular Red Wind did not have. The Red Ranger has a secondary market value of $25-$40 with the Hurricane version on the higher end of that ladder. Yellow and Blue come in a two-pack set and they run about $100 on the secondary markets same with the Thunder Rangers (they come in a two-pack as well). They all have interchangeable parts and weapons which are small and can cause a chocking hazard for small children.

This is now the second set I have fully completed and they look amazing standing together. These offerings from S.H. Figuarts imports are a breath of fresh air to the very stagnant Mattel and Hasbro lines that are near impossible to find at your local big box store.  So give a click to the Amazon Banner here on the page and you can own all the Ninja Storm without leaving your house!!

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