Two More Characters ‘Go Team Venture’ Thanks To Bif Bang Pow!

By bill - July 29, 2013

venture-featA pair of new Venture Bros. 3.75″ figures join the family thanks to Bif Bang Pow!

The first series of Venture Bros 3.75″ toys from Bif Bang Pow! saw the release of both boys and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, alongside the previously released Brock Samson.  The new series adds two more characters, rounding our the core Venture family with Dr. Rusty Venture and a new villain in Phantom Limb.  Arch nemesis The Monarch, initially intended for this wave, has been delayed until this October, but he’s still coming as well.

venture 3For now, we get two solid new additions to the series. Both figures feature all new sculpts that totally nail their animated looks.  Rusty’s furrowed brow and awful posture perfectly capture his perpetual loser-i-ness, and even his glasses are remarkably well handled, considering the small scale of the figure. The good Doctor (not really though) comes packing his homemade ray gun, which provided a nice accessory for him or any other figure in the collection.

Phantom Limb is just as good, with another great portrait of the upper class super villain, and clean, crisp lines on his purple and gold costume.  Like the 8″ retro figure, the villain’s invisible arms and legs are realized in translucent plastic, which looks good… although I do wish the show creators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick had their way and saw Limb released as just a head and torso with a flight stand.

venture 11Both figures are fully articulated, and style wise fit perfectly with the rest of the series.  Limb is just the right size, but Doc– like Dr. MTM before him– clocks in just slightly too small.  He is appropriately just a hair shorter than the boys, but his overall proportions look just a tad too small compared to everyone else.  It’s not nearly as noticeable as Dr. MTM, and having all the figures together on the shelf, the scale issues kind of fall to the wayside of the great sculpting to realize these animated characters in plastic.

The Venture Bros toys from Bif Bang Pow continue to charm with their combination of show accuracy and retro fun, and the latest 3.75″ figures are no exception. I’m eager to check out The Monarch from Entertainment Earth later this year, and hope we will see this great smaller scale Venture series continue in 2014!

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