Check Out The Awesome Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

By bill - November 18, 2013

Bryan Cranston pulls a Bob Newhart in this awesome “alternate ending” to Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad was an amazing show, and its ending was one of the few in TV history that felt completely earned and totally satisfying.  But just because it ended– and ended well– doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun… That’s the premise behind the new clip in which Bryan Cranston reprises his role as Hal from Malcom in the Middle, alongside his former TV wife Jane Kaczmarek, returning as Lois.

It’s a really funny bit that totally nails the age-old “it was all a dream” gag– when I first started watching Breaking Bad, I never thought I’d get past seeing Hal do all the awful, demented things Heisenberg does.  But the show ended up being so good, with Cranston so totally absorbing his new role and dominating the show with his presence, that my perception changed entirely over the course of the first few seasons.

But this video is a nice call-back to that, a reminder that Cranston has now given us two great characters that are truly etched into our collective pop culture memory, and mashing them up is a real treat.

Check out the clip below.

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