Check Out the Awesome Figma Indiana Jones Figure

By bill - March 20, 2014

indy-figma-featBest Indy action figure ever? Maybe.  Best Indy action figure photos ever?  Absolutely!

Indiana Jones is coming to Good Smile Company’s Figma line, and they have posted some new images of the figure on their Facebook page.

I think the figure looks really good– plenty of detail and a welcome amount of articulation to hit all those adventuring poses– and I love that Indy comes packed with relics from all three of his movies.  The Harrison Ford likeness isn’t quite there, but he’s still instantly recognizable.

What’s coolest to me is how fun and inventive these photos are, as Figma Indy ventures out of his plastic and cardboard prison and embarks on adventures throughout the office.  It’s totally neat to see, showing off this great figure in a fun and creative way that makes the Figma team seem even more charming and cool.

I haven’t bit on any Figmas yet, despite lots of temptation, but I think Indy may just be the figure I finally jump on.  What do you think?

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