Check Out the Blurry Man of Steel

By kastor417 - December 4, 2012

It looks like Superman may not be the hero we all thought he was thanks to the newest poster for the upcoming Man of Steel film. The how and why are still a mystery but can those cuffs really hold the last son of Krypton?

My faith in Christopher Nolan and crew to deliver a good superhero movie has not been shaken by this new poster, but many fans are questioning the quality of the poster. The images in the poster are mostly out of focus, making it look more like a bootleg than an official image from the studio. Looking at the poster from afar the lights behind the Man of Steel help focus the attention on the “S” shield on the costume, but up close it’s blurry and grainy.

Aside from the image quality, the visuals in the poster bring up a few questions.

  • Where does this story take place in the hero’s life?
  • Is he a hero who has fallen from grace or is he new to the world and people are not sure if they should accept this alien?
  • Why is he being lead by soldiers in hand cuffs?

We are only days away from the first full trailer, maybe a few of those questions will get some answers.

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