Check Out More Jaegers From Pacific Rim

By bill - November 30, 2012

In two days, we’ve now seen the blueprints behind FOUR giant robots from Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Kaiju epic.

The Pacific Rim viral campaign has certainly been aggressive– so far we’ve seen everything from in-continuity memos to viral videos… but the coolest reveals have been a series of blueprint schematics revealing the awesome Jaegers, the giant robots that serve as humanity’s last line of defense against the invading Kaiju monsters in the film.

The coolest thing about these reveals is the global strategy behind them– so far we’ve seen blueprints for Jaegers from the US, Russia, Japan, China and Australia… and a website from each different country has been the host of each reveal!  I think that’s pretty neat, and definitely lends to what I’d assume will be a similar global feel for the film itself.

Enough talk– time to look at robots!

HK Movies just unveiled China’s three-armed Jaeger, Crimson Typhoon:

Japan’s robot Coyote Alpha was revealed courtesy of

Russian robot Cherno Alpha came to us via Kinopoisk:

Australian site Your Movies was next, with the reveal of Striker Eureka:

And these joined Gipsy Danger, the US Jaeger revealed earlier via Wired:


I love all these designs, and each one is striking on its own, while clearly existing within the same larger  universe.  They’re completely iconic in a way that Michael Bay’s messy Transformers never were, and I cannot wait to see these things in action.

I’m sure lots more cool Pacific Rim reveals are coming our way before the first trailer debuts with  The Hobbit.  The best way to keep track of the latest viral goodness from the giant robot defense force is to follow the Pacific Rim Facebook page, which is collecting everything into one big, Kaiju-crazy resource.

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