Check Out the First Image of TV’s Green Arrow

By bill - March 19, 2012

The CW has a pilot in the works based on DC’ Green Arrow, and the first image of the emerald archer has hit the net. The Nolan-y take on Ollie is out there, but does the seriousness of this image translate to the CW’s being serious about taking this show to full series?

All we’ve seen of the new Green Arrow TV show is this one image, but I think it looks promising– it definitely fits into the dark, gritty design of Nolan’s Dark Knight universe, but grim and gritty has proven to work for Green Arrow in the past (after all, how many heroes had sidekicks turn into drug addicts??), and the Longbow Hunters hooded look will likely translate to live action worlds better than a Robin Hood cap and curly blonde goatee.

I’m very curious to see how the script turns out for this, which will really mean much more than the look of the show in the long run. I’d be very happy if the TV series takes the very cool premise of the New 52 Ollie… but adds some decent writing to the mix. I love the idea of a hero with a whole support /tech team behind him, and I think the concept would work really well for TV, with plenty of interplay between Ollie’s team at home base combined with Arrow in action fighting crime in the streets (24 for the superhero set, basically). But the New 52 book squandered their high concept with lousy storytelling and some bad characterization. Take the same idea and add some quality to the dialogue and acting and this could be a real winner.

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