Chris Cooper To Play Norman Osborn In Amazing Spider-Man 2

By bill - February 28, 2013

norman-osbornI’m beginning to doubt this movie will not live up to its adjective.

My apprehension about the Amazing Spider-Man sequel had been eroded quickly by Sony, with the very promising new (old) Spidey costume and their awesome casting (Paul Giamatti! Jamie Foxx!)… and now it’s been revealed that Chris Cooper will join on as Norman Osborn.  Norman is a great character, one who can be completely commanding and in control of a situation while simultaneously being completely bugnuts crazy.  Cooper has proven throughout his awesome career that he has the authority and wildness needed to pull off both, and I imagine it will be a trip to see him mash those together for Norman.

With Giamatti’s Rhino and Foxx’s Electro already facing Spidey in the sequel, I’m guessing Norman won’t go all Green Goblin this time out (unless it’s at the very end of the movie)… But Norman is a plenty bad dude in or out of his supervillain tights, and I’m hoping he’ll be more of a bastard than Willem DaFoe’s semi-sympathetic take in Sam Raimi’s movies.  Goblin is a rarity among Spidey’s rogues, in that he’s one of the few who’s basically always been straight-up evil, with no shreds of humanity on which to cling.  From everything we’ve heard, it seems like there will be lots of sympathy for Giamatti and Foxx so having a tried-and-true bad dude in the mix would be a fresh change.

I’m still stuck in cautiously optimistic mode, when it comes to this movie… I really was NOT a fan of Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ve liked it less the more I considered it.  But I DO like Andrew Garfield in the Peter role, Emma Stone is incredible always, and director Marc Webb seems to be a very capable guy.  I’m getting ready to trust him, to believe he knows what went right and what was way off in his previous film, and to make a truly kick-ass sequel.  Color me hopeful…

Source: Badass Digest

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