Chris Copeland Joins the Crew of the Fanboy Factor

By kastor417 - July 9, 2013

Kastor's Korner and The Fanboy FactorThis week story board artist Chris Copeland joins the guys on the Fanboy Factor.

This week on the Fanboy Factor artist Chis Copeland joined the guys to talk about his new book Comic Relief: The Art of Chris Copeland. Chis talked about why after years in the business he is now putting together this collection both finished art and sketches. “I wanted to have an area that was relief,”said Copeland while talking about the amount of work he has to put into doing storyboards.

Copeland also had some fun stories about coming up in the animation business and how his art has impacted story telling in the some of the shows. “To get to finesse something and actually put some thought into it is usually pretty fun,” Copeland said.

Check out Chis Copeland on his Twitter and Deviant Art Page to find out more. And there is also some time to support his Kickstarter page for his new book.

Head over to the Fanboy Factor to listen online or if you are using iTunes you can use this link to their feed to add it to your podcast library.

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