Will Chris Pratt Be The New Indiana Jones?

By bill - January 27, 2015

This just in from the “awesomest idea ever” department…

There have been rumblings ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm that we’d be getting new Indiana Jones films.  Interestingly, though, the big question was what those films would be like.  With Star Wars, it was obvious we’d get at least some all new characters, fresh faces to the franchise… But would Disney’s new Indy feature an elderly adventurer played by Harrison Ford, or would a new actor don the fedora?

Steven Spielberg tried the old Indy approach in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and we all know how that turned out*, so I’m not too surprised by the latest rumors, which suggest Indy will be recast for the new films.  I’d be okay with this regardless; the original Indy character was conceived as the American James Bond, so like his MI6 counterpart, being recast over the years would come with the territory.  But the fact that Disney is allegedly circling Chris Pratt for the role?  That brings this development from something I’m “okay with” so something I actually really want to see.

I never considered Pratt for the Indy role until today, but the more I think about it, he’d be damn near perfect.  He’s got the charm, and the attitude, and the rough and tumble qualities that define the character… as well as an oddball streak that could definitely be an asset to Indy in the right circumstances.

So yea. If this movie is getting made, I hope they do recast Indiana Jones… and I hope they do cast Chris Pratt… and I hope it is good.  I feel like I was going somewhere further with that logic strain, but I guess not yet.  Oh well.

Source: Deadline via io9

*It was amazing!!!! Right, you guys?….

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