CIVIL WAR Comes To The Toy Aisle

By bill - May 10, 2016

ML-Civil-War-featHasbro’s Marvel Legends deliver four new figures from Captain America: Civil War to the Marvel movie collection.

The first wave of Civil War themed Marvel Legends stuck to comic characters entirely, but the follow up assortment, which is starting to hit retail, mixes things up with the inclusion of some new movie style figures, all of which are must-owns for Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.  Series Two of the Civil War Legends includes the three heavy hitters from the film– Captain America, Iron-Man, and Black Panther, as well as a Giant Man Build-A-Figure.  The rest of the wave includes comic-style figure of Nuke, Red Guardian, and Nick Fury… but the movie figures are the highlights of this wave, hands down.

ML Civil War Series 2 008

Cap is the least exciting of this group, but it’s hard to argue against his inclusion.  The figure features the same sculpt as the Age of Ultron version– which makes sense, since his costume in Civil War is identical– but he sports a new darker color pallet, and vastly improved plastic, making the figure feel much sturdier and easier to pose.  I miss Cap’s extra pieces, like the unmasked head and alternate hands, but overall this version is the closest to screen accurate we’ve seen from Hasbro.

ML Civil War Series 2 015

Iron-Man returns to the Legends line with an entirely new sculpt for his Mark 46 armor, and the figure is fantastic.  There’s a bulk to this sculpt which we’ve never seen in previous movie Iron-Man figures, which adds a welcome realism to his appearance.  This figure actually suggests there could be a human being inside the suit of armor, which is really cool.  Despite his added bulk, Iron-Man is plenty poseable, and enjoys the same high quality plastic as the rest of this wave, meaning he can strike a number of dynamic poses with ease.  While we don’t get a Tony Stark head with this figure, he does include an alternate set of hands, as well as blue repulsor blasts which plug into his open hands for a very cool effect.

ML Civil War Series 2 021

Black Panther is another all-new sculpt, and he’s incredible.  I love the sleek look of T’Challa’s movie costume, and Hasbro’s figure totally nails the look.  Despite the monochrome all-black design, there’s an incredible amount of detail worked into this sculpt, with its intricate patterns and texture, which makes this guy a sight to behold.  Black Panther might be the most poseable movie Legend ever, with an amazing range of motion in his neck, torso, shoulders and hips that lend themselves perfectly to his agile, acrobatic movements on screen.  The King of Wakanda includes an alternate unmasked head which is okay.  I love the inclusion of this piece, but the likeness to Chadwick Boseman is soft, lacking in both resemblance and screen accuracy (he’s clean shaven, while T’Challa wore a pronounced 5 o’clock shadow in the film).  The head feels more like a comic book T’Challa portrait than a movie one, so I might migrate mine to the comic style Black Panther Hasbro released a few years back.

ML Civil War Series 2 030

The final movie figure in this set is Giant Man, the over-sized Build-A-Figure which features Hasbro’s first screen accurate Legend based on Paul Rudd’s hero.  Giant Man is another original sculpt, and he looks awesome– I love the layered effect that allows you to see his eyes through the clear red goggles of his helmet, and the figure’s black and red costume is filled with the same intricate detailing and texture that made Black Panther look so rich.  Giant Man assembles easily, and he stands about 11″ tall.  That’s much shorter than his towering, 30 foot tall on screen appearance, but the proportions between him and the rest of the 6″ Legends still conveys his towering height.  I’m really hoping Hasbro can shrink this sculpt down to 6″in the future, so we can get a movie accurate Ant-Man in the Legends line.

I love the work Hasbro has been doing on the Marvel Cinematic Universe toys, and their movie Legends are the best toys they’re releasing right now.  There’s a lot of collectors who still prefer the comic book figures, but as far as I’m concerned, the detail and engineering and incredible sculpts of the movie figures makes these figures the best to collect.  We’ll be seeing a lot more movie figures throughout the year, as Falcon, Winter Soldier, War Machine and Scarlet Witch are all prepped to join the Legends collection, and I truly hope this is just the beginning.  There’s a lot of characters in the shared cinematic universe Marvel has created, and I’d love to see Hasbro tackle each and every corner!

Civil War Marvel Legends Series 2 are available now.  You can order your set through our friends at Mike’s Comics N Stuff– Click Here.

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