Classic Doc Ock Takes On LEGO Spider-man

By kastor417 - March 7, 2014

Lego Doc Ock Kastor's KornerAnother classic villain makes an appearance in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line. For collectors who were not thrilled with the Ultimate version, you now have a classic look to hunt down.

This year it seems if you buy a LEGO set you get a Spider-man, but it is not so bad when you get a classic villain like Doc Ock.

The set is a medium size, and for $19.99 you get a truck build, a small street corner, and three minifigures. The truck is an armored transport filled with jewels, money, and gold. The build is slightly different than the average truck with an open back and small openings on either side. The open back is for the four strong boxes, which can be launched out of the back when the lever is hit. It is made to simulate Ock breaking into the truck, and works well for an action feature. It was a creative use of space and action, something that gets better with each LEGO Super Hero set. The other small build is a small street corner, which can launch Spider-man at the villain. This feature works much better than the Spider-cycle in the smaller set, because the web he is placed on has some spring in it.

The minifigures are worth the set alone for any comic fan, well at least one is worth it. The Spider-man is nothing new, it is the same the the previous sets. The guard has normal skin tone can can double for a unmasked Spider-man head for those who want to do something different with the figures. The final figure is Doc Ock in his classic costume. The figure is a standard minifigure, with the inclusion of his tentacle arms. Each arm is articulated at three or four points making it fun to pose this figure.

With all the Ultimate Spider-man stuff out today it is exciting to get classic comic versions, so this set is a must have for any comic fan.

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