A Closer Look At HASCON’s Exclusive X-Force Deadpool

By bill - August 14, 2017

New weapons! Special packaging! Same taco!!

The first, ever HASCON is going down in Rhode Island next month, and– as we reported earlier– Wade Wilson is joining the fun.  Now, Hasbro has shared a closer look at the Marvel Legends X-Force Deadpool who will be one of HASCON’s premiere exclusives… including an in-package photo.

Wade is boxed in a standard Marvel Legends window box, but sports the X-Force logo, as well as an eye catching red backdrop that makes the grey and black figure really pop.  He’s got a nice mix of accessories– the same swords, unmasked head, and taco from the X-Men Legends figure, along with some new guns and a keen blast effect that snaps onto his rifle.

This is in addition to new tooling we already knew about, like the unique, non-armored shins that keep this costume comic accurate.  I think this is a really fun variant and, I mean, it’s Deadpool! Kids love Deadpool! So I imagine he’ll be a hit at HASCON.  For more on Deadpool check out the pics below… and to see the rest of Hasbro’s HASCON exclusives, Click Here.

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