Colin Trevorrow Teases a Jurassic World Dinosaur

By bill - June 24, 2014


I’ve officially decided to be excited for Jurassic WorldThe recent plot rumors sound like a fun and unique premise for a movie that feels like a logical extension of the previous trilogy, and I’m really pushing for director Colin Trevorrow.

If nothing else, he’s doing a great job teasing the movie in fun ways on his Twitter, including the photo above which he posted last week.  It really doesn’t show us much of anything– just a shadow cast by one of his dinosaurs, showing off what looks to be a big mouth filled with plenty of menacing teeth.  But it makes for a perfect preview of what’s to come– what is this dinosaur?  The alleged hybrid T-Rex nightmare beast?  Something non-essential to the plot?  A British Raptor (hence the jagged chompers)?

I have no idea, but I want to know more.  Every picture, even the mundane shots of JW vehicles and recycling bins, have made for fun teases, tiny glimpses that help hook us into this world while allowing Trevorrow to stay his hand when it comes to actual content.

So I’m excited, if for nothing else than virtue of the fact that it’s clear Trevorrow is having a blast with this movie, and being so playful in how he’s sharing updates.  I’d strongly suggest you follow him on Twitter, because I have a hunch this trend will continue as the production continues and Comic Con approaches.

Source: Colin Trevorrow on Twitter

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