Can the Comic Book Genre Find a Way to Please Everyone?

By jayq - July 8, 2015

We are fortunate enough to live in a world where our heroes and dreams can be on books, TV, Movies, CD’s, Video Games, Apps, Toys, Statues, and Fast Food Meals. With all these different outlets can the palate for the fanboy/girl ever be quenched?

The last few months have been FULL of spoilers, rumors, pictures, videos, and speculation for all things in the genre. Unless you live in a cave in the Jurassic Era it is near damn impossible to NOT see a rumor, spoiler, set picture, social media post, or people at the coffee shop talking about whats what in the industry. Which begs the question to ask, Who or what is to blame for all the interweb rage that we as fans toss towards all these announcements and info about our loved genre?

Let us dive into the elephant in the room and talk movies. Movies get the most rage and flame in social media about who, what, where, when, and why. Marvel or DC makes no difference they get equal crap tossed at them by keyboard warriors who feel they can do it better. Are there things that I do not like about certain aspects, yes. Can I change it, no. These movies are made and people are going to see them no matter the out rage over costumes, sets, cast, or plot. The executives who fund these projects know what they want but that does not always equate to what we know from the source material. Thus sparks the almost instant rage from fans.

Does the fact that ever Tom, Jim, Jenny, and Sarah who sees this feels the need to share on a specific social media group even though it has been posted 46 other times within the last 2 minutes have something to do with the rage? To be honest I have stayed off of DC and Marvel pages recently because every time I log in all I see is grainy paparazzi pictures that people (who 1/2 couldn’t tell you the last time they read a comic) feel the need to post their 2 cent views. People have the right to their own opinion freedom of speech and all, but my gripe is if someone comes at you with a source material that proves your rant wrong then agree to disagree and move on.

Does it matter what suit Captain America is wearing? Does it matter if Batman has armor? Does it really matter if Joker has tats? The answer is yes and no depending on where you sit. I read A LOT of comics (working at a shop has that advantage) so that I may keep up with events to talk to customers, friends, strangers, and people I know in the industry. I understand why Captain America had his mask off and has had many costume changes. I understand all the reason Nolan did his Dark Knight Trilogy the way he did. And I am totally okay with and understand the look of Leto’s Joker. Does that make me wrong that I accept that? No. Does that make some wrong that they don’t accept it? Again, no.

The comic book industry is a fickle fickle beast that is constantly trying to regain its footing in a world where 20 pages of story for $2.99 to $4.99 is getting harder and harder to justify. Some of our favorite characters are spread into multiple books and have stories that tend to stray away from the core story and thus gives us the different interpretations of the character. Harley Quinn’s look in the movie is proof of this multiple interpretation issue. So who is right? The fan that prefers his Harley like the 1990 Batman: TAS look, or the guy who only played the video games and likes his Harley in biker chick leather? And should we bash the guy who wants her to wear the ruffle around her neck like she was for the New 52 Suicide Squad early issues?

My point is NO fan will ever be pleased. Fans are going to fight for what they think their character should look, be, and act like in any medium. I for one am a fan of all things in this genre and will give each it’s due diligence and watch it before I make ANY and ALL credible remarks. Because until I see the movie, read the book, or hold the toy in my hand I am not going to truly know what I am getting. I can assume all I want but until I see more than a 2 min trailer I honestly cannot remark on it. Not everything is for everyone, but if we embrace that sooo much emphasis is being put on putting these heroes and villains on the screen (both big and small) needs to be celebrated as a victory for what was once not accepted in society.

That is just my opinion, and by no means reflects what other editors here at Kastors Korner feel. Hopefully we can all find a way to “get along” when it comes to our beloved genre. So as we head into SDCC remember we are in the age of the Geek let’s enjoy the ride!

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