Comic Con 2013: DC Collectibles SDCC Showcase

By kastor417 - July 20, 2013

DCC SDCC 13 Kastor's KornerDC Collectibles has some fun offerings this year, but something was missing from the case this year.

Last year the big reveal with the foray into the 3.75 inch scale of toys with a huge Green Lantern display, but this year that was missing from the line up shown the first night of SDCC. There are exclusives being sold in the at scale, but none of them are on display in cases. Which makes me wonder how many more figures we will get aside from the Lanterns and Injustice designs.

SDCC 13 DCC Kastor's Korner00What is being shown off front and center are figures based on the Arkham Origins game. The figures are in the 7 inch scale are a able to be posed in some dynamic looks, like the Joker showing off his best come hither look.

There will also be a few figures from the new 52 Batman Court of Owls story line. A Batman, Nightwing and Talon were on display along with an Owl’s Mask.The figures based on the New 52 looks will expand past the JLA soon with some Teen Titans characters. Kid Flash, Superboy and Wonder Girl all in their new 52 looks were shown at a private press event on preview night.

SDCC 13 DCC Kastor's Korner17Also coming soon are figure based on the Arrow TV show, the first two being the Green Arrow and Deathstroke. Both figures are based on the actors from the show, and should fit in nicely with the Smallville figures from a few years ago.

The Bombshell line of statues will continue. Black Canary is one of the new sculpts to be shown, but a few like Star Girl and Zatanna were off limits to photography. There were also some new black and white Batman statues with two new Dark Knight’s and a new 52 Joker. They also showed off two new statues 8 inch statues of Batman and Cyborg also in their new 52 designs.

Over all a good showing from the world of DC Collectibles this year.

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