Comic Con 2013: On The Floor With NECA

By bill - July 18, 2013

neca-sdcc13-featNECA has a very exciting showcase at Comic Con this year, with a mix of fan favorites and insanely cool surprises in both their cult classic and modern movie toy lines.

They’ve already completed the Lost Tribe from Predator 2, released the most iconic design from the fan film Dead End, and finally delivered an amazing Dutch action figure, but somehow NECA’s Predator series keeps getting more exciting!  We already knew about the insanely cool, Kenner-inspired Series 10 coming in September, but SDCC saw the reveals of three new figures– Wasp from Dead End, a Battle Armored Lost Predator, and a thermal image Dutch, which has the most amazing paint deco I think I’ve ever seen.

On top of that, another Toys R Us exclusive two-pack is coming late this year, based on the final battle between Dutch and the Predator.

Not to be outdone, Alien had some great reveals, too.  Series 2 will be released this Fall, with the original movie version of the Alien (Big Chap), a blue-tinted Xenomorph Warrior, and colonial marine Sgt. Craig Windrix.  Wait, you say– who is Craig Windrix?  Here’s what Randy Falk at NECA had to say:

@Willdogma @RAAM22 the new Marine is Sgt. Craig Windrix, named for Kyle’s brother who is battling stage 4 stomach cancer. Our tribute to him

Kyle Windrix is one of NECA’s sculptors, and this is just an incredible tribute to his brother…. it’s further proof that NECA are seriously the coolest guys in the toy world.

The Aliens vs. Colonial Marines two-packs are coming in September-October, as is the newly announced alien egg, which will feature LED lights inside and a facehugger.  2014 marks the 35th Anniversary of the first Alien, and it looks like NECA will be getting very into it… so far we’ve only seen the Alien itself and Jonesy the cat, but I have a feeling we will be seeing more crewmates from the ill fated Nostromo shortly.

I was stoked to see some new Gremlins on display, too!  In addition to a fourth wave of Mogwai, Gremlins’ third series is set to include Greta, Mohawk, Melting Witch and the WB Tattooed Gremlin.  I am so getting them all.

The second series of Pacific Rim figures was on display.  Due in September, this set includes a new version of Gipsy Danger, Aussie Jaeger Striker Eureka and the massive kaiju Leatherback.  After seeing the movie, I’m really hoping NECA keeps this series going.  I’d love to see their take on Cherno Alpha, or more of the insane giant monsters featured in the film.  And the show stopping 18″ Gipsy Danger is coming soon also, and looks incredible.

Speaking of 18″, the next Avengers figures were also on display, including Thor and a battle damaged Iron-Man.  These are the best looking Avengers movie figures I’ve ever seen, and it makes me wish we could see more scales of this series from NECA in the future.  Likewise, the Man of Steel, Michael Keaton and Adam West Batman 18″ guys looked remarkable, as the final painted versions were also on display.

NECA has evolved into one of the best toy companies in the game, and their winning streak is clearly going to continue in the back half of 2013.  Their designs are smart, and cool, and their releases always keep me guessing– I let out more than one “Oh, that’s cool!” as I was sifting through the photos from their booth.

Check out all the pictures below, and keep coming back all this weekend for more from Comic Con 2013!

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