Comic Con 2013: Four Horsemen Reveal The Power Lords

By bill - July 19, 2013

Power Lords SDCC 13 Kastor's KornerThe Four Horsemen are reviving the classic sci-fi fantasy toy line Power Lords, and the showed off the first figures in the new collection at Comic Con.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be all in on the Four Horsemen’s Power Lords series at first.  Sure, I love the hell out of the wild designs (courtesy of legendary sci-fi artist Wayne Barlowe), and as a kid, the guys in this series that I had equally freaked me out and fascinated me.  Creatures like Disguyzor and Ggripptogg became gems of my collection, and the transforming gimmick of the heroes was always very cool.

But I didn’t know I’d be going back to this property, one I remember fondly if distantly, until I saw what the Horsemen did at Comic Con.  Much like their Outer Space Men line, the new Power Lords collection will revamp the classic characters using the Horsemen’s considerable sculpting talent.  Rather than update the aesthetic of each character, the Horsemen have stayed reverent to the classic character designs, and these guys look incredible.

The articulation pattern looks great on each figure, the colors are as bright and bold and weird as they need to be, and the sculpts are just gorgeous– seeing the Horsemen’s work recycled over and over in lines like DC Universe sometimes makes me forget just how great they are– the tiny details and painstaking textures on each of these Power Lords enhances the look of each character so brilliantly, they’re a sight to behold.

I’ve been on a kick for high fantasy sci-fi lately, and Power Lords’ impending return seems like just the focus for that craving.  After seeing the painted final designs of these figures, they’ve jumped to the top of my most-wanted list of toys.

Check out some shots of the Power Lords at the Four Horsemen booth below, and be transported away with me!

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