Comic Con 2013: The Mattel & DC Recap

By kastor417 - July 25, 2013

Mattel DC SDCC 13 Kastor's KornerMattel showed off an impressive number of new figures at SDCC 2013, keeping some classic line going and adding a some new lines for both kids and collectors.

The time when collector are the main focus of retail lines has started to fade with many of the big toy companies, but that does not mean there there is nothing fun at retail for collectors.

Mattel showed off a few new six inch figures outside of the Infinite Earths club. There will be a few new figures from the world of Injustice like the Green Lantern, and figures based on the new cartoon Beware the Batman.

Mattel is also expanding the evergreen lines at retail givings kids and fans more characters from the DC Universe. The Flash, Superman, and Robin are just a few characters that will join this kid friendly 4 inch line. There will also be a collectors line of 4  inch figures based on the Arkham line of games.

There will also be a new 6 inch Total Heroes line at retail starting in 2014. This line will be attract both collectors and kids. The figures have a general look to them giving fans of the heroes classic characters in iconic like costumes. They look to be larger versions of the Target Justice League line without the new 52 influence. They look to be sporting 13 points of articulation and if successful could be the new JLU line for collectors.

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