Comic Con 2013: Mattel’s DC Infinite Earth Goes Big For 2014

By bill - July 20, 2013

DC Infinte Earths SDCC 13 Kastor's KornerMattel comes out swinging with an exciting plan for DC Club Infinite Earths in 2014.

I was out.  I went in to Comic Con fully convinced there was no way I would be signing up for the 2014 DC Infinite Earths subscription.  It’s not that 2013 was a letdown, but I just felt like there were no real avenues within the DC Universe Mattel could go to make another year feel necessary.

Then the Mattypalooza panel happened, and Mattel hit exactly the right notes to re-spark my excitement in the 6′ DC Universe.  The in-scale Doomsday fans have been dreaming of will be the 2014 incentive figure.  But here’s the thing– the figure we’re getting is up in the air.  Mattel has come up with a “Tier” system to track DC subscriptions, and if “Tier 1” is reached, we’ll get the Superman killer in his green prison suit.  If the higher number gets us to “Tier 2,” we’ll get Doomsday Unleashed, with his shredded costume and bone spikes.  Honestly, both figures look amazing, and I’m hoping subs go high enough that Mattel offers us swappable parts to make either version we want.

But Doomsday alone wouldn’t be enough to motivate me to commit to a 2014 sub… but the three figures that have been revealed sent me over the edge.  January sees 90s style Aquaman, with his long hair, beard and hook hand.  I’ve always loved this look, and he brings us one step closer to a 90s JLA team, which has me very happy.  February will bring Ice, who looks just as fantastic as 2013’s Fire, and next March will see the release of Connor Kent Superboy, a figure with a remarkable level of new tooling and great detail on his jeans and all new portrait.

Just to sweeten the pot, we’ve also discovered 2013 will end strong, with the stunning Huntress figure in September, Ocean Master in October, an absolutely perfect Ra’s Al Ghul in November, and a throwaway Batzarro rounding out the sub in December.

Watchmen will finish its run in 2013 as well, with the releases of The Comedian in September and Ozymandias in November.  Ozy made his debut at Comic Con, and he’ll include two heads– one masked, one unmasked.  I was holding out hope for a Bubastis pack-in, but a second head is always welcome.

Yes, three quarters of the 2014 subscription is still a mystery.  But in my opinion, all four of these 2014 reveals are top-line figures, all of whom I’m excited to add to my collection.  I haven’t been this stoked about Mattel’s DC Universe in years!

Check out photos of the new additions to DC Club Infinite Earths below, and CLICK HERE to subscribe today on


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