Whose Comic-Con Poster Is Best?

By bill - July 23, 2016

sdcc-postersWonder Woman, Kong of Skull Island, and Fantastic Beasts all unveiled new posters at Comic-Con… which one is your favorite?

We got a look at THREE new posters yesterday at Comic-Con, for Wonder Woman, Fantastic Beastys and Where To Find Them, and Kong of Skull Island.  All three have their merits, for sure… but there’s something so simple and striking about that Wonder Woman poster, it’s hard not to call that one the winner (if these posters were to be put into a competition… which I am, because I’m bored and it seems like a fun idea).

The Kong poster has a nice sense of atmosphere, and gives us a rough idea of how big the really BIG Kong in this movie will be.


Fantastic Beasts’ poster, meanwhile, definitely leans in to the fact that this movie will be the first to take place in the United States of the Potterverse, with plenty of American colors and iconography framing Eddie Redmayne and some quite bizarre buildings in the background.


But Wonder Woman… I mean, WOW!  The bright pastel clouds behind our hero make this image pop, and it looks like Diana’s new costume will be even brighter and more colorful than the one she wore in Batman v Superman.  Speaking of that movie’s dour, busy and kind of angry advertising… it should be noted there are exactly ZERO explosions, NO fire, and a TOTAL LACK of Photoshopped debris contained in this poster.  That alone makes it something special amidst the sea of super hero one sheets.


Which poster is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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