How To Comic Con: San Diego Edition

By kastor417 - July 19, 2017

Is this your first time or twentieth time going to Comic Con? Well it does not hurt to have a few tips and hints to make getting around easier. 

Comic Con has grown over the years and things have changed, so it is always a good to have a refresher course in how to Comic Con.

The Crowds-

There will be crowds no matter where you go Downtown, from the Convention Center all the way through the Gaslamp, so be ready to stand in lines and wait as people shuffle through. The best way to elevate the stress of the crowds is to know your routes.

The back wall and the main entry hall is usually less crowded when getting around the Con floor. There is no way to get around crossing the streets so just be ready to wait. And when the big crowds get to be too much check out the second floor of the Convention center and the balconies for a break.

The Exclusives-

Rules have changed a lot over the last few years. You used to be able to just get in line and buy things. Well not there are line limits, line passes, and sales times. Make sure to check on line with SDCC, the companies and twitter to get the latest updates. The big companies like LEGO, Mattel, and Hasbro all require line tickets which you should camp out for in the Sail’s Pavilion, the big second floor open area in the Convention Center. Oh also check online and see if the companies are selling them during the Con so skip the lines and just pay S&H.

Celebrities –

You are going to see them, some will be happy to see you too, but the key is to be polite. Know that one quick selfie with you can turn in to a mob scene for them every quickly. Saying hi is ok, but some times just be happy to see them walking around. They may be looking for toys and comics just like you, so let them enjoy the hobby.

Other Things Do-

The Convention Center is not the only place to do things! The Marriott and Bayfront Hotels, Petco Park, the Library, and even the parking lot next to the trolley all have events going on and they don’t require badges to get into, so if you only have a one or two day pass make sure to check them out.

So there is a lot going on this week so just stay informed and keep your cool. We are here to have fun, so enjoy the sites and make some memories.



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