The Comic Guardians Are Ready For Action

By kastor417 - May 25, 2017

The comics get some love in the second wave of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends, with three characters from the far reaches of the Marvel Universe.  

All collectors worry when a movie comes out, because it usually means the comic line will suffer, but Hasbro has been doing a great job the last few years of balancing comic and movie figures into the Marvel Legends line. They are not only making sure waves are not all movie waves, but also slipping in obscure comic characters to make sure the die hard fans are getting a complete Marvel Universe.

I don’t know where to start with the comic figure except they are made for toy and comic fans, because a couple might just scare the hell out of kids. Ex Nihilo is a more recent comic character in the Marvel Universe, and the figure is simple but eye catching. He shares the same body as the most recent Venom with new feet and head. There are times when simplicity can be the downfall of a figure, but Ex Nihilo goes to show with a solid base even the plainest design can be stunning. The figure is almost completely gold, with the exception of his chest design and his emerald green eyes. A lot could have gone wrong, but it didn’t making this one of the most eye catching figures in the line.

Not to be out done is the imposing and grotesque Death’s Head II. This big guy is the only one in the wave to not include a BAF part, making this a harder sell at retail. A figure like this in the past would be sure to have not only a BAF part, but probably one of the most important ones like the head. But Marvel Legends has grown so much as a brand that this comic figure is all on his own. Sharing parts with Colossus, this is one of the most detailed figures in the line. So how did Hasbro hide Colossus? They added a bunch of parts to make him look bigger and more imposing. Death’s Head II has new left hands, which make me think there is hope for a classic Colossus, fins on his boots that are a little fragile, and an arm cannon that could use a little shading around the end of it. Death’s Head II has one of the most detailed head sculpt in the line, and will sure to be frightening to kids in the toy aisle.

Adam Warlock rounds out the comic figures in the wave, and updates one of the big names related to the Infinity Gauntlet and the Guardians. This is the modern looks that sets him apart from the Target Red Hulk wave figure. He comes with an alternate head, which will give collectors another character, Magus. Collectors have used the last Dr. Strange as a body to make him look little different than Adam Warlock, but more than a few collector will get multiples of this figure to make sure they can have both characters in their collection. Both heads capture the comic looks of the characters, with flawless paint. Adam comes with the same bubble energy blasts, which need to get retired soon. There are a lot of energy blast options that collectors would like to see besides the bubbles, so hopefully they will come to an end this year.

These three, four if you count Magus, are some of the most impressive comic figures so far this year.


Thanks to Hasbro for these review samples

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