Comics Korner: Arrow Season 2.5 #7

By patricksmith - November 29, 2014

Arrow Season 2.5Arrow Season 2.5 #7 drives the fact that Oliver is his own worst enemy all the way home.

It’s nothing short of a veritable who’s who of people Oliver has failed in the past when he escapes the Church of Blood, only to find himself face to face with the tanker truck of guilt that he tries to keep inside. Speaking of coming out of the woodwork, this volume also features the work of many different artists with their own interpretations of characters in the Arrow universe. It creates a disorienting effect, but works in favor of the narrative which ends up finding it’s plot in the pilot of season three. Of course in so doing, in creates another awkward gap in the TV show timeline, which would undoubtedly reference this arc if it were actually canon. Despite that, issue #7 of the series offers a heartbreaking approach to the guilt Oliver carries with him every day (even if the reason for it is a little bit hard to swallow). It’s also got a reference to a lesser known dc villain in the suicide squad subplot, that they keep in the back, that’s always worth it to read.

Arrow Season 2.5 #7 You have failedThe volume is intriguing, but it sadly doesn’t quite have the impact that it attempts to. Nevertheless, the different artists’ interpretations keep things interesting visually, and Oliver’s own struggle is nothing short of perfect for his character, which hasn’t had a lot of inwardly reflective or isolated moments since season three started. It’s not that I wish the series were still like this, but it keeps things fresh to see Oliver track back through his timeline and focus on the failures that eat him alive. It’s characteristic and more importantly personal to see Oliver refusing to pull punches when it comes to the lives that have been claimed due to his actions. It’s the perfect volume for fans of Oliver, but I doubt the fans of team Arrow are going to receive the same level of satisfaction.

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