Comics Korner: The Flash: Season Zero #7

By patricksmith - December 7, 2014

The Flash Season Zero 6 FeaturedFlash: Season Zero #7 showcases Mr. Bliss’ horrible plan in action.

While far from perfect, issue #7 of the Flash: Season Zero still leverages some significant strengths from both the comic series and the TV show itself. It’s true that Barry is taken out of commission for most of it, so there isn’t any persistent action that continues through the whole volume, but it still has a fair amount of suspense. Mr. Bliss’ motivation is laid out almost entirely, and even makes sense in an oddly twisted way, owing his ire toThe Flash SZ 7 Eddie a modern age, making him semi-topical. This issue also puts a focus on the “freaks” and their sad acceptance of their fate due to the inability to fight back, as conveyed by the Snake Charmer. Besides that, there are a few bits of amusing dialogue between both Cisco and Caitlin and also Eddie and Iris, a few hints at Harrison Well’s real identity that might be worth looking at for fans of the show, and even some insight in to Iris’ past and a huge regret that Eddie carries from his (could be the reason he transferred from Keystone city…).

Despite a few missed opportunities, I’m still going to say my overall experience in reading #7 of Season Zero was a positive one. Without Barry, there was a chance for some Caitlin and Cisco driven plot, but unfortunately it’s not a moment that was seized. Mr. Bliss continues to be a terrifying villain that I think is perfect for the comic, but it’d be still interesting to see him in the show (though his power might be too similar to Chroma’s). It’s the hints at events that are ongoing in the show that end up making this issue one of the most interesting yet. These are storylines coming straight from the creators, so readers of this series are going to have a bit of a leg up on everyone else, when it comes to getting those cool reveals in the show that we all know and love.

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