Comics Korner: The Flash Season Zero #9

By patricksmith - January 4, 2015

Flash bannerFlash Season Zero mixes things up in order to redeem itself from the lackluster Freak Show finale.

Flash Season Zero’s Freak Show arc ended on kind of a low point by using the character’s incredible abilities as a crutch rather than an asset towards it’s conclusion.  Judging by the end, it was pretty clear to see that enthusiasm was waning for the story, and the writers were eager to move on to something else.  If #9 is any indication of that desire to move on, then I have to say that my only complaint is that it wasn’t done sooner. Everything about #9 really recaptures the best aspects of the show to tell a more entertaining story worthy of one of the best series of 2014. I’d immediately have to say The Flash Season Zero 9 I can't hear youthat although I love Phil Hester’s art (especially his Green Arrow run), I’m still of the opinion that Marcus To on pencils and Kelsey on Colors are much better fits to conveying the personality of the TV series the comic is based off of. To commands a level of detail in his characters that gives a better sense of the actors’ performances, to bring the characters to life more than the issues before; but it’s his detail on the environment that puts the story in to a higher scale bracket and allows for a much more epic and grandiose settings to make the most of Barry’s abilities. Kelsey also provides the perfect sense of color to light and effects to breath dimension in to the world. Visually, it’s an outstanding combination.

The story itself takes a much broader perspective that fits the setting and allows more wide ranged storytelling opportunities. Yes Barry’s personal perspective was an important part of the character when we were still getting to know him, but now that the introductions are out of the way, the settings and situations are the aspects of the story that require the appropriate amount of attention to raise the bar in such a way to inspire interest in his continuing adventures. The inclusion of Felicity is always a welcome addition, and it also better solidifies her presence in the story to provide strong links to both the character, and also the world of Arrow as a whole (same can be said for Ray Palmer). It does mean that Felicity is now the primary focus of both the Flash and Arrow comic series right now, but at this point I trust writers and producers enough to believe that they wouldn’t overwhelm the audience with one particular character, no matter how positive their reception is (I hope).

The Flash Season Zero 9 Oh boyAll in All this new Flash Season Zero issue provides a much more engaging take on the character by increasing the detail on the players and setting and gives a better throughway from the series to the comic, but also there’s a sense of scale that matches the Flash’s level of ability.  I’d say this is a much stronger direction for the series. Here’s hoping we get a few more like this one; and judging by how many top 5 and 10 shows of 2014 lists I saw it on, I’d say there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing a lot more Flash TV comic supplements in the future.

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