Comics Korner: IDW Pick of the Week 1/15/14

By hopkins - January 15, 2014

Black Dynamite 1 featCan Black Dynamite use his Kung Fu to defeat Too Swole? Find out in our look at Black Dynamite #1 from IDW.

Every legend has a back story, and this book gives Dynamite his history.  Black Dynamite while training his woman, Mama, is called upon to face a ruthless gangster know as Too Swole. After defeating Too Swole Black Dynamite is called out again by others in the street calling attention to the fact that the reason no one is safe is because of Dynamite. Every criminal comes looking for him in hopes of being badder than Dynamite. Although Dynamite has defeated all bad guys who have come to challenge him, the fact that the bad guys have caused destruction in the process has hurt the streets he calls home. With a heavy heart Dynamite decides to leave his home and woman behind so as to not cause anymore heartache.

Walking aimlessly Dynamite is approached by a man in the suit claiming to know Dynamite. Trying to play it off Dynamite is forced to defend himself from the man. Having given up his identity Dynamite is approached by a group of men who are not the CIA, but military types none the less. A 70’s Kung Fu movie feel makes this  a must have in any comic collection.

Every beginning has a continuation…

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