Comics Korner: IDW Weekly Picks 10/30/13

By hopkins - October 30, 2013

IDW LogoCan Soundwave get revenge on Shockwave for what he’s done? Can Tunnel Rat and Roadblock prevent a terrorist attack onboard a subway train? Can Duke capture the Dreadnock Twins Zaranna and Zandar? Find out in this weeks IDW wrap up.

Transformers Robots in Disguise # 22

transformers-comics-robots-in-disguise-issue-22-cover-a_1373632083The saga continues with Soundwave confronting Shockwave in an epic battle. With the help of his cassettes Soundwave battles Shockwave to a stalemate in which they decide to part ways. Although Shockwave feels he can destroy Soundwave he chooses not, because there are more important things to worry about for the  leader of the Decepticons. Soundwave walks away with his life and confidence that his side will need him for the salvation of Cybertron.

Readers also get to know a little more about Soundwave’s minions. Ravage and Buzz Saw first discover Soundwave on the streets of Cybertron battling what seems to be a million voices in his head. Unable to focus on only one, Ravage offers advice on how to calm the noise and begin to eliminate the mass amount of voices in his head. It will take some time for Soundwave to overcome these lights, sounds, and voices but they are confident that one day he will.

Again leading into the dark Cybertron crossover, stories of the past begin to pop up and bring light to who will finally lead the Decepticons in the absence of Megatron. What part Soundwave plays in the event seems to be building. This was a great follow up to issue the last issues story. The cross over between Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye has been a truly an epic event so far.

GI Joe #9

GIJOE-new09-covA copyThe story opens up with Tunnel Rat following Tango through the subway where Tango jumps onboard a train headed for downtown New York. Meanwhile Roadblock is following behind tracking Tunnel Rat’s GPS signal. Realizing that things may get messy, Tunnel Rat turns to Roadblock for help. Roadblock reluctantly throws on a Pack and heads to back up his teammate.

Meanwhile Duke and Quick Kick are following Zarana and Zandar to capture and obtain information about what they have been up to since their run in with the Special Missions team. In a surprise twist Duke receives a call from Destro, who is willing to give up Cobra. Meanwhile Mad Monk playing both sides of the fence trying to determine who is going to win, until Duke crashes the party well aware that Monk is playing both sides. With all the action and chases going on Doc is left to find the chemical agent that Cobra has placed somewhere in the city.

Van Lente keeps the party going with another great Joe episode a must have for all Joe fans.

Honorable Mention

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series #7- Rocksteady and Beebop find out how they became the beasts that they are in this fun tale.

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