Comics Korner: Image Comics- The Mice Templar Vol IV- Pt 8

By kastor417 - October 30, 2013

Mice Templar 8 Kastor's KornerA world at war, mice gearing up for battle, and a tragedy all in one issue. The Mice Templar have a lot to deal with this week in part 8.

The Mice Templar book has been around for a while, originally was created by Michael Avon Oeming, Bryan J.L. Glass, and Victor Santos. This issue is written by Glass and drawn by Santos, has some great action and visuals.

The main character (a mouse named Karic) stands at a crossroad in his life. Karic is prophesied to be a weapon of vengeance in the ancient war against creation. For good or bad the fate of the world all hangs on his choices, as long-divided Templar forces rally around his growing legend. In the previous issues the Templar priesthood were exiled to the Great Ash Tree, held under penalty of death if they helped the citizens of the kingdom. Micah, of the priests, who knighted Karic was banned to the fields to die.

In this issue we see the mice prepping for a great battle. King Icarus is marching against the Great Ash Tree to battle the other mice. In the distance are Owls circling about ready to strike but whose side are they on is in question. The battle between the armies is drawn beautifully and looks incredibly intense. The battle against the Owls looked one sided but the Mice of the Great Ash Tree held their own, taking out a few of the Owls. Micah returns to the great tree to confront his former partners and slaughters them all. The Great Ash Tree is burnt, and Karic returns just in time to see he is too late.

Why this book has not been picked up as a TV show, cartoon, or movie is baffles me, because it will totally work! If you have the opportunity to pick up some of the older trade paperbacks, the creative team has a way of drawing you into the story and you won’t want to stop.Go out and start reading this epic story by Image Comics!

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