Comics Korner: Image Pick of the Week 1/22/14

By hopkins - January 22, 2014

deadly-class-01 featCan Marcus become something better than a homeless kid on the street? Find out in Deadly Class #1 from Image comics.

deadly-class-01Marcus is introduced as a 14 year old teen who’s parents were killed in front of him. It left him an orphan living in a boys home that he chooses to runs away from and begins living on the streets. Surviving the streets proves to be taxing on him mentally, having to always looking over his shoulder and at times he wants to end it all. There is something special about Marcus the way he moves, and how he avoids getting caught. Yet he shows compassion, even in his current state, to another homeless man. This brings the attention of Master Lin, who runs a school for assassins made up of people like Marcus. Master Lin offers Marcus the chance to train, which at first Marcus turns it down but after some convincing by Saya he decides to join up and begin his training.

Quite a different type of story. A group of young assassins trained in an underground school which is kept secret from the upper world. Where it leads from here is intriguing and leaves an opening for a teen type of Wanted story, but with martial arts type of feel.

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