Comics Korner: Justice League of America Vol. 1

By kastor417 - November 14, 2013

JLA-LargeThe Justice League has become gods to the world, and the world needs someone to keep them in check? Who is powerful enough to take on the Justice League? The Justice League of America…

9781401242367_p0_v2_s260x420The team building issues of a book can be fun to read, and this is no exception. Waller fearing what the League has become, decides she needs a team that can go toe to toe with the modern gods in the Justice League. Waller along with Steve Trevor mix the ultra clean Star Girl, with the killer Hawkman, and the thief Catwoman to build a team that can take down the Justice League if needed. They are also there to help do some of the dark missions that can’t be revealed to the public just yet. Geoff Johns does a good job balancing out the team, reinventing characters like Vibe and Katana for the New 52, adding them to team along with one of the newest Green Lanterns, gives the team a good balance of new and old faces on a high profile team. There is a good amount of interplay between the JLA and the JL, knowing what they are and who they are there to fight. The book mixes getting to know and building the team with investigating the Society.

There is also the underlying mission of discovering who is behind the Secret Society. This book picks up right where Justice League Vol 3 leaves off with Trevor sending the Green Arrow to infiltrate the society. The book is one of the first steps in the newest cross over Forever Evil, and a great read.


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