Comics Korner: Nailbiter #1

By travis - May 10, 2014

nailbiter-1Image Comics’ Nailbiter is a promising new horror thriller.

I got my hands on one of Image’s newest releases Nailbiter #1 by Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson. First off, I’m a sucker for wordplay, so the giant “Nailbiter” masthead, paired with the gruesome portrait of a man picking the flesh off a human finger– quite possibly his own hand– definitely caught my attention.

The story delves into the dark minds of serial killers. Our story’s namesake wacko finds civilians that have the terrible habit of biting their nails. Then, once he has them captured and contained, he commences meal time, by gnawing their fingers down to the bone.

Nailbiter isn’t the only serial killer in the story though. It turns out sixteen of the worlds deadliest serial killers call Buckaroo, Oregon their home, and Agent Carroll has finally figured out how they’re all connected.  Carroll reaches out to his long time partner Finch for help.  But by the time Finch reaches Buckaroo, Carroll has gone missing. Now it’s up to Finch to put the pieces back together.

This is the start of a pretty exciting horror thriller. The artists do a great job of making this Northwestern town come to life. The characters feel relatable and the story pulls the reader into the mystery. The cliffhanger ending was a little predictable, especially given the book’s title, but that being said, I will be rushing to my local comic book shop to pick up the second installment.

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