Comics Korner: Nailbiter #9

By travis - January 19, 2015

cover for Nailbiter 9

Buckaroo, OR is filled to the brim with the dirty minds of the wretched. Mr. Crowe thinks it’s time for a bath in Image Comic’s Nailbiter #9.

I ventured back to Buckaroo, OR to catch up on the goings on in Nailbiter #9, released by Image Comics. The story is written by Joshua Williamson with art by Mike Henderson, and color by Adam Guzowski. We last left Finch dealing with a swarm of troubles, but it seems there’s a new threat to the people of Buckaroo.

The Skinny
Before we can find out if Finch goes the way of Thomas J. in My Girl, we meet a new face that is a fixture of the Buckaroo community. Mr. Crowe has been a school bus driver long enough to have close contact with eight of the butchers, and can’t bear to meet the ninth. So, Mr. Crowe decides that what these kids need most is a good bath. Finch struggles with the beekeeper, who looks like he and his friends flew the hive. And, with all this going on, we spend only a little time with Crane and see some of her guy troubles.

The Good
Williamson promised that he was going to amp up the creep after issue 8, and sure enough, here we are with some serious dilemmas on our hands. The swarming bees part of the story confirms that there is another butcher currently working in town, as well as a puppet master. I wonder if there’s any connection to Mr. Fatal who we’re told about in the beginning of the issue that has also never been caught. The art continues to be an excellent vehicle for this story, providing the right angles to see the creepiest movements. The details Henderson includes are really nice to notice. I especially liked watching Crowe age over four panels where the wrinkles of frustration take the place of his youthful smile. Also, the kiss scene was so freaky. I will admit, I made sure not to hang my arm over the side of the bed after reading this issue, and I assume I’m not the only one.

The Not-So Good
Crane has been nothing short of a bad ass this entire series, but she nonchalantly dismisses Reverend Fairgold when she catches him in her home. She clearly catches him in the act of some nefarious doings, but just kicks him out and calls him an a-hole. Then Warren is able to get in? For a trained police detective, she really is lackadaisical about home security. I also found the hypocrisy of Crowe’s actions amusing. He wants to prevent the next butcher, by essentially becoming one himself. What would be his name? I’m partial to the The Bus Diver.

The Decision
Nailbiter serves up a big helping of creep with its latest offering. The pace of the story seems to be hastening, especially with multiple characters experiencing stressful situations simultaneously. With everything going on, it seems attention on Alice is waning. I find it curious Finch and Barker don’t seem to question why Alice was there, and let her follow into the house on an active investigation. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Nailbiter #10 is out February 4th. Judging by the teaser cover, things are going to get wet.

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