Comics Korner: Sinergy #1

By patricksmith - November 19, 2014

Sinergy 1 featuredMichael Avon Oeming and Taki Soma’s teenage monster hunter series gets off to a promising start in Sinergy #1

Maybe it’s too early to say something so bold about a series just barely out of the gate. After all, very little monster hunting actually occurs in #1 of Sinergy. Plus the comic book market of the monster hunting genre is sort of flooded at the moment, so it’s hard to hit an original chord with new stories. I can’t honestly say that Sinergy is what you would call totally original, but it is rife with personality and characterization; so that automatically puts it at least a foot about the rest.

Sinergy 1 Busted

The story is standard fare (teenager, power awakening, secret monsters, yada yada) when you bring it down to it’s most basic form. But like most things, it’s not the basic bits that hold the flavor. Simple additions to the plot make things more vibrant and alive. Interactions between characters are so indicative of their personalities that, thanks to Soma and Oeming’s dedication to this characterization, a single conversation reveals more about character attitudes, and the nuances that make them up, than any amount of basic of story description could. Even the most minute characters are made to seem significant and developed due to the weight put on the Sinergy 1 Punishscenes involving dialogue. Dialogue that explains and entertains as the plot unfolds (this is how you do exposition, people!).

I love Oeming’s art, and this is the kind of story that shows him at his best. Everything is very simple and deliberate, like a cartoon (much like Bruce Timm’s art). It’s also very adult in tone and fidelity. His style’s personality goes perfectly with Soma’s colors, which mimic different lighting and tones with the changing settings, but are still filtered in a stylish and unique way. He also shows a lot of love for borderline neon hues, which perfectly catch the eye and point out interesting details about the characters and the world (A ginger heroine! Woo!).

Everything about Sinergy #1 works. The story seems uninspired in first glance, but is chocked full of personalities and perspectives and little quirks that make everything about the issue so memorable. The real meat of the plot hasn’t been revealed (ie: how Jess fits in to the whole monster hunter thing), but this lead in has been more focused on introducing the characters and giving the audience and general idea of who they are, rather than what they do. As such, Sinergy’s characters seem to be the reason to read. It’s got great characters, entertaining details, and awesome and unique colors and art. Perfect for Powers fans, but still a great read for anyone else.

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