Community Season 6 Gets a Trailer

By bill - August 15, 2014

commuinity-logo-feat“Ratings? Where we’re going, we don’t need ratings.”

Just to make sure we’re all caught up… After almost being cancelled for four seasons straight, the strong, confident and overall fantastic ending of Community Season 5 made it seem like a sure thing that we’d get a Season 6 this Fall.  Then, NBC cancelled it.

THEN then, Yahoo saved Community, promising to bring it back on Yahoo! Screen, presumably their own Netflix and Amazon style streaming service.  So we’re one puzzle piece closer to #SixSeasonsandaMovie after all!

But that was all then, and this is NOW, and Yahoo has unleashed the first teaser trailer for the upcoming sixth outing for (what’s left of) our Greendale crew.  This trailer is built of footage from the previous seasons, but does a good job of both reminding a fan like me why I loved this show, and also giving a taste of the bizarre tone to newcomers.

I dig the abbreviated recap of the mediocre, Dan Harmon-less Season 4 (one shot of the study group acting repulsed by a noxious green gas emanating into the study room), and I very much like the Six Million Dollar Man riff, promising that Community Season 6 will be the world’s first bionic show.  The joke doesn’t fully work, but it fails in a way that’s very true to the strangeness of the show itself, and even this flub kind of felt endearing to me.

Community Season 6 is coming to Yahoo! Screen sometime. Hopefully soon.

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