Crawley Rips Through Chima

By kastor417 - January 17, 2013

The Chima are on the are on the move, Chima are loose. Crawley’s Claw Ripper give fans both good and evil, helping fans to fill out their new world of Chima.

The Claw Ripper is made up a lot of moving parts. When pushed the big wheels turn and the front treads turn with rotating teeth. The color is different than the greens in a typical lego set, mimicking the pale green of a reptile. In addition to the wheels the vehicle has a opening jaw with teeth, making this a rather menacing looking build.

The set also comes with two mini figures one from the lion faction and one from the crocodile faction, Leonidas and Crawley. Both figures have standard bodies with a lot of painted details, as well as normal minifigure heads. Each also come with a helmet giving the figures 3-D representations of the standard minfigure heads. Leonidas also comes with a sword that looks like a cross between the sword of omens and a light saber.

This set also has an instructions book that is divided into two books, which is unusual for a set this size.

Overall another great set from this new theme. We can only hope the lions are not the only cats in Chima universe, maybe a tiger or a panther could be part of future sets?

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