Crisis On Infinite Secret Wars??

By staff-writers - November 6, 2014

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It was sort of announced at New York Comic Con this year. The big event for the summer of 2015. What’s the groundbreaking title for it? Secret Wars. What? Hasn’t that been done before?

We all know the answer.  Yes. Yes it has.

Marvel had a huge poster by Alex Ross in it’s booth at Comic Con. The title on it was Secret Wars, and it showed Marvel characters, battling each other.

secret wars


Been done before. What was different this time, though, is there seemed to be characters from other dimensions within the Marvel Universe. For those of you that are unfamiliar, the “proper” Marvel Universe is numbered 616. There are also many other dimensions that in some, have the same Marvel characters that may (or may not) have made a different choices from their 616 counterpart, like the Ultimate Universe (also known as 1610).

The idea of a multiverse isn’t an original idea. Marvel, up until now, hasn’t relied on it as heavily as DC Comics does. But even then, there are stories older than DC that reference something like a multiverse.

Lately though, Marvel is digging deeper and deeper into it. Having all these alternative universe interact.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is with this new Secret Wars event.   Not only is it a rip off of Marvel’s own Secret Wars storyline from 1984, but also DC Comics’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary in 2015. Sorry, but if that isn’t the biggest FU, then I don’t know what is.

Here, just take a look at the video teaser Marvel released today for it.

Obviously, the Battleworld aspect is from the original Secret Wars series, written by Jim Shooter. That’s fine. Not exactly thrilled they have to revisit this for the 3rd time, but whatever.  But, the part about using the Multiverse?  I’m sorry but this is DC territory, here.  This is Crisis on Infinite Earths. I wouldn’t be surprised if a speedster dies in the event.

I know I’m jumping the gun here, but so far, I’m not interested. First impressions are important. And as a life long fan, I’m just not that impressed.

But…it’s not all doom and gloom, either. I did like seeing characters like Dr. Zero and St. George from the Shadowline books. Horus from the New Warriors storyline, Forever Yesterday. And a few of the others battling it out in Ross’ artwork.  But…those small tokens just aren’t enough to actually buy the book right now.

At least I get to save some cash.

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