Custom Korner: DCUC Super Powers Kalibak

By bill - February 8, 2013

With Mattel finally releasing the Super Powers colors Penguin in their new Batman Unlimited line, it’s time to spruce up that Kalibak and make him a better fit to complete the new take on the legendary Kenner line.

I’ll admit, this Kalibak custom isn’t new.  I did him a few years back, but with the new SP Penguin finally available, it seemed like a good time to dust him off and share some pics and a recipe.

Kalibak is mostly a repaint of the DCUC Collect N Connect figure, but with a few parts swapped/ added to give him a look closer to the Kenner style figure.  I actually used a second gloved Kalibak elbow on his bare arm, since the SP look of the warlord of Apokalips sported two sleeves (Hot Topic style!).  I also swapped out his lower legs with one from Imperiax, whose Kirby-esque armor looked perfect for Kalibak, and left him appropriately more human-looking.

It was an absolute paint melding the Imperiax legs onto the Kalibak hips– I had to crack open the hip pieces at the seam, pop the new legs in place then glue the hell out of the hips so they would stay sealed, even under the considerable weight of the figure they needed to support. Thankfully it worked, and my Kalibak can stand just fine!

The rest of the detailing was sculpted– I used epoxy putty for his right arm cuff, the fringe on his chest and the headdress around his face.  Once it dried, I just painted him up and voila– Super Powers Kalibak, in all his glory!

Kalibak wasn’t one of the easier customs I’ve done, but he remains one of the figures I’m most proud of. I wouldn’t recommend a custom this intense for beginners, but if you’ve had some model making or custom experience, I’d love to see another take on this classic Kenner villain.  In the meantime, enjoy some photos of the DCUC style Super Powers Kalibak:

Check back next Friday, as we continue showcasing some new and old custom figures.  If you have a custom figure you’d like to see featured here, email me–  Your figure may be the next one featured on Custom Korner!

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