The CW Is Bringing DC Action This Fall

By kastor417 - July 22, 2018

Marvel may have the best connected movie universe, but there is no doubt the CW has made the best DC universe to date. 

The Flash will face a dark force and being a dad this year. It is clear that his future daughter is back for a reason, but that is being kept quiet for now. The trailer ends with a Darth Vader like villain who appears to be connected to the speed force. Could Teddy Sear’s black Flash be back? Nope this time is some one who worships the Flash made famous from Geoff Johns run in the comics, Cicada.


Arrow is also facing a new set up in Star City. The vigilantes are laying low, Laurel is very public, and Oliver is locked up. Oliver is shown to be reading the Count of Monte Cristo, which can only mean he is plotting his return. And there is an archer in town, so is Ollie breaking out at night or is there a new Archer in town?

Legends of Tomorrow is doing a lot of talking about magic but not a lot shown in the new look. It is clear the acting is done, but the special effects are still being worked on. But it is always fun to see the actors break the forth wall and Ray has a great line or two!

Supergirl foreshadows change in National City, with Sam Witwer’s Agent Liberty talking about taking back the world from Aliens. We will also see more of the Legion with the show’s first transgender hero. The trailer ends with a shot of super suit, and although everyone thinks its Supergirl herself, it seems more like a Luthor suit. So could Lady Luthor be joining her boyfriend to fight crime this season?

Finally Black Lightning showed nothing new, but did recap the first season.

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