Daredevil To Hit Netflix This April

By bill - January 8, 2015

daredevil-netflix-featThe first Netflix/ Marvel show will premiere on April 10th.

We knew the Marvel and Netflix original Daredevil was going to debut in 2015, but now we know exactly when.  All 13 episodes of the series will be released on April 10th.  In other words, plenty of time to book the day off from work and stock up on snacks.

I love the concept of the Netflix series, with their focus on the street-level heroes, within the same shared Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy.  But it’s important to remember that Marvel TV is only semi-related to Marvel Studios, so while these shows will play in the same sandbox, they’re not necessarily going to be as connected as we might imagine (see: Agents of SHIELD Season One).

Still, I will hold out hope, no matter how many dull press shots we get of Daredevil in his boring “year one” black suit and bandana mask:


This show has a strong cast, and as far as I’m concerned the basic premise of Daredevil– a lawyer by day who fights crime as a vigilante at night– feels tailor made for an episodic series as opposed to a movie, more than most other super hero comics.

The game plan for Marvel and Netflix is to release a new show every year, or thereabouts… rumors abound that AKA Jessica Jones will also premiere before the end of 2015, which makes sense– going legitimately one show per year would mean we won’t get to The Defenders team-up series until 2019.

I’m also curious whether each show will be considered a miniseries, one season and done, or if they will launch subsequent seasons while also running new shows?  I have a feeling I’d feel much more favorably toward Daredevil not looking like Daredevil in Season One, if I knew the payoff would be a whole second season of horns and red tights, instead of one super-anticlimactic money shot of Matt in full costume at the end of Season One.  Apparently Daredevil showrunner Stephen DeKnight is intending for a second season (he’s holding off on including Bullseye for just such an occasion), so that’s probably a good sign, even if Season One ends up feeling like an extended origin story cop out.

While we ponder, check out the new poster for the series, which made its debut along with the premiere announcement.  The flaming double-D’s kind of reminds me of the Fox movie, which is a strange stylistic call considering the long-standing hate for that film… right?


Source: Marvel

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